About Bambeme

Luxury, stylish but also sturdy bracelets

Bambeme proudly presents its collection of gold bracelets. We love a luxurious and tough look. This is how the idea arose to combine skulls with gold and diamonds. Also because we wanted a unique piece of jewelry for men and women that you can put together or personalize yourself. A luxurious accessory that shows who you are and what you want to radiate, in all seasons.


The story of Bambeme begins in 2016. The founder has an idea about luxurious, stylish but also tough bracelets with a skull of gold, with diamonds and in multiple colors both for men and women. Once designed, he started a search for a suitable partner in jewelry to bring the bracelets to life. The first bracelet was soon a fact and Bambeme was born.


Each piece of jewelry is made by hand and the skull bracelets can be worn with a watch or together with the ‘balls’ bracelets. Bambeme is more than just a bracelet. It is a luxurious lifestyle, in which we enjoy everything that is beautiful in life. We believe in beautiful and unique bracelets, in pure materials and also have a love for unique watches.